Creative Solutions to Maximize Your Potential, Increase Productivity, and Embrace Passion in Your Life.
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  • Maximize Your Potential: Leadership Coaching is devoted to developing upcoming talent, promote key employees in transition and solve problems specific to the organization.
  • Increase Productivity: Leadership coaching skills help to improve working relationships, develop teamwork and increase profits
  • Embrace Passion: Coaching helps to expand vision, improve clarity of mind and helps people be more mindful of their actions and behavior.

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What makes your heart sing? Do you want to reach your true potential? Do you want to maximize your strengths and abilities and live the life you’ve always wanted? Executive Coaching and Team Coaching is the solution. I will work with you on-on-one to implement a solid plan to realize your lifelong goals or build on your accomplishments. Team Coaching may also be implemented at your organization for start-ups, product launches or turning your organization in a new direction. Call to find out more: 310-684-8241.


Richard Trains, Motivates And Inspires Diverse Audiences

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