Ask for More Seminar

A Leadership and Personal Growth Presentation
Presented by Author and Speaker: Richard Bellman

Duration 2-2.5 Hours


  • Take on new responsibilities and challenges
  • Commit to projects and follow them through to completion
  • Embrace a growth mindset where anything is possible.

Section 1: Ask for Responsibility:

  • Responsibility-Many times we don’t ask for the responsibilities which we are truly capable of accomplishing.
  • Responsibility versus Victimhood: We make excuses for ourselves and focus on our own self-limiting beliefs.
  • We are entitled to affirm what we truly believe in ourselves to be true for us.

Section 2: Ask for Increase:

  • How to find our motivation to experience intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.
  • We must increase our expectations of ourselves and find people who can mentor us in support of our true aspirations in life.
  • Find our willpower to accomplish our goals and defeat procrastination.

Section 3: Ask for Character:

  • Courage: Be bold and take hold of all goals that you hope to accomplish.
  • Faith: Believe in yourself enough to see your dreams as if they were already true and work towards realizing them.
  • Patience: Success won’t come overnight. Work hard towards achieving your highest goals and reward yourself for small accomplishments.
  • Integrity: Remain integral and don’t work against yourself.
  • Resilience: Remain resilient while working towards your goals; fall seven times but get back up eight times!

Section 4: Ask for Health:

  • Find your ideal weight and develop weight loss and maintenance strategies.
  • Discover the benefits of sleep and proper relaxation.
  • Discover the true meaning of love and companionship to support health.
  • Find your center through meditation and mindfulness.

Section 5: Ask for Education:

  • How intelligence can be increased through education.
  • Empower yourself through a growth mindset: Anything can be learned.
  • Learn the benefits of deep practice and how all skills can be refined.
  • Coaching works: How to find a mentor or coach to enhance your natural abilities.

Section 6: Ask for Success:

  • Success is a choice we make for ourselves: The meaning of success.
  • Why we fail and how to keep trying.
  • Attracting success into your life through constant focus.
  • No regrets: What gets left behind when we leave.
  • Living in gratitude brings more success into our lives.


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