The Secret to Living Your Dream: Do It!

Emma Morano died the oldest woman in the world, at the age of 117. She was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Her secret to living to 117 was eating raw eggs and cookies. It is never too late to live out your lifelong dreams. Age, lack of talent, education, connections, or status are all self-limiting beliefs, which we use to talk ourselves out of taking the initiative to begin a lifelong project or goal!


Start Now

In my book, Ask for More, Chapter 2, “Start Here: Taking the Initiative,” I discuss the importance of taking the initiative to change the course of your life. When you take the initiative, you recognize the need to take action and are not satisfied with waiting for an opportunity to present itself to you. I encourage readers to start wherever they are in life and not to wait until something else happens that pushes them to take the initiative.


Don’t Wait for “If”

Many people tell themselves that they will get married when they buy a house. Many people say that they have a great idea for a small business that they want to start as soon as they get the required capital. Many people say that they will go back to school to finish their degree when the timing is right. Making one action contingent on another is a waste of time and energy. The time to take action is always now!


Take the Initiative

Research suggests that 95% of all people who make New Year’s resolutions break them by January 15. We make these resolutions because everyone is making them, so we are swept up in this wave of change. Since the calendar is changing, we feel that we have to change with it. For that matter, why don’t we make monthly resolutions? The calendar is changing, so, why not? Look for reasons to take initiative. Find ten things you would like to change about yourself and get to work. Look around your home; if there is clutter or unwanted items around, donate or sell them. If there are negative habits in your life that bring you down, replace them with positive ones.

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