Coaching programs that fit your business

Coaching Programs draw out your true potential, develops your strengths and enables you to grow personally and professionally.

Coaching will help you climb the career ladder or get off and change careers; feel more fulfilled at work or to improve relationships with family and partners.

Let’s grow together! Let’s find excellence together! Let’s reach the summit together!





Leadership Coaching: What’s Your “Next Play”?

  • Active learning that helps people transfer essential communication and relationship skills.
  • Coaching integrates personal development and organizational needs.
  • Enhances teamwork, facilitates succession and supports organizational change.







Communication Coaching:

  • Presentation skills needed to introduce new products to teams.
  • Speech design, presentation topics and speech delivery/format.
  • Helps leaders to explain their mission and company’s vision.







Team Coaching:

  • Promotion of key employees in transition through personal growth strategies.
  • Develop transferable skills such as effective communication, creativity and problem solving.
  • Develop mastery of skills through deliberate practice.




Three Coaching Programs for Individual Leadership Coaching or Team Coaching:

Communicate, Create and Connect:
Ten strategies to communicate more effectively at work and at home, in order to influence and motivate others.

  • Focus on needs and desires of others.
  • Build on company’s mission and vision.
  • Connect with others by adding value.

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Lead to Succeed: Develop Your Leadership Skills to Increase Your Influence
Learn strategies to promote key employees from within, by focusing on improving transferable skills such as Communication; Team Building and Negotiation and Sales Strategies.

  • Active Listening Strategies: Learn how effective communication hinges on active listening and understanding customers’ needs.
  • Develop strengths of key employees to promote to positions of leadership.
  • Build collaborative team members who share the company’s vision.

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Reach for the Sky: Live out Your Life Long Dream!This seminar is perfect for developing new employees at your agency, promoting key employees from within and sharing the company’s vision through new product or services launches at your company. Strategies Include:

  • Own your dream or vision and fully describe what you want to achieve.
  • Make it real: Describe your strengths and how you will achieve your goals.
  • Develop a team: Collaborate with others who share your vision.

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