Seminars: Increase Productivity


One-Day Seminars can be performed onsite at your company by department or at a conference at an offsite venue.


Lead to Succeed: Leadership Training:

  • Define your leadership hierarchy at your organization.
  • Prioritize your business goals and objectives.
  • Encourage ownership styles among all employees.
  • Customers and Guests come first; Stay aligned with your company‚Äôs mission.
  • Keep up company morale through humor and team building.

Speak Up! Preparing Perfect Presentations:

  • Identify your topic: Strategies to narrow down your presentation topic.
  • Tell your story: Tell stories to back up your main topic.
  • Have a Conversation: Exercises to Practice and Internalize your topic to make your speech more fluid and impactful.
  • Teach a New Idea: Learn ways to present your material in a fresh way and offer new perspectives on topics which they may already understand.
  • Grab the Audience by the Lapels: Prepare defining moments in your talk that will cause your audience to take stock of their lives and change their entire perspective on a subject.
  • Have a Sense of Humor: Learn ideas to make your audience laugh, lower their defenses and become more receptive to you and your speech.
  • Bring a Briefcase: Learn strategies to keep your talk brief and to the point.

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