The Uniforms We Wear and the Responsibilities We Bear


What Sets Us Apart

When I was in elementary school, I was enrolled in a private, Jewish school. The students were all assigned uniforms. The boys were required to wear gray slacks and powder-blue shirts, while the girls were required to wear powder-blue shirts and navy-blue tunics. While public opinion on the importance of uniforms in schools has changed over the years, as a teacher, I believe that students’ uniforms may actually affect their mindsets. The wearing of the uniform allows one to bear the responsibility that it carries. Since we all wore the same uniform, what set us apart was how we performed in the classroom.


What a Uniform Stands For

This is why it is so important to wear a clean suit to a job interview. By stepping into our uniforms, we are stepping into our roles and responsibilities every day. Whatever your uniform, wear it proudly and accept the responsibilities that it represents.

In my book, Ask for More, I present the uniforms we wear every day in our lives to represent the responsibility they carry for us. Police officers wear their uniforms to set them apart from the civilian public and show civilians that it is their responsibility to serve and protect the public. Workers in retail stores wear uniforms in order to show the public that they are prepared to offer them service while such uniforms also indicate rank and file in the company.


Choose to Change

By accepting the responsibility of wearing the uniform, you are stepping into the world of choice. You act autonomously in your life without the authorization of others. You accept the consequences of your actions. Just as I have changed uniforms several times throughout my careers, it is never too late to change what you are doing and take on a new responsibility.

By changing your uniform and accepting new responsibilities, you will unleash your real potential. By stepping into responsibilities, you will notice how your true talents shine through and you will wonder why you never asked for these responsibilities years ago. Ask for More of yourself and you will be able to get more for yourself and your family! Ask for More today!

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