What’s Your Number?


Number 42, Breaking Ground

On April 15, 2017, Major League Baseball celebrated Jackie Robinson Day. It was on April 15, 1947, that Jackie Robinson wore #42 to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. It was Jackie Robinson’s major league debut. Robinson’s debut in the world of major league baseball was a huge, groundbreaking event for African-American civil rights in the United States. By putting on his new uniform and wearing #42, Jackie Robinson stepped into the world of responsibility, of standing up for himself in a game that had been traditionally played a certain way, namely without African-American players. He displayed singular acts of courage and faith to wear his uniform and bear the responsibility of changing the way we view professional athletes in general.


Number Beyond Measuring

Now, 70 years later, the world understands that professional athletes around the world bear the responsibility of performing to the top of their individual games and setting a higher standard for the young people who admire them, the fans who come to their games to support them, and the consumers who demonstrate belief in them by purchasing the products they endorse.

We all love a hero. We love an athlete who takes the spotlight after months and years of grueling training and self-denial. We admire the talent, exuberance, and sheer force of will that they display in their respective sports. To name just a few, this includes players like Julius Erving, #6 for the Philadelphia 76ers, Michael Jordan, #23 for the Chicago Bulls, and Tom Brady, #12 for the New England Patriots.


Putting Number One First

In my book, Ask for More, I ask readers to ask for more responsibility in their lives and in their careers. Ask for the raise. Ask for the promotion. Ask for the business that you always dreamed about. By asking for more, we are asking for more of ourselves. We are looking for the #42 in ourselves; we are looking for the courage to face our dreams and not settle for a mediocre life.

We should ask for the larger vision, the bigger dream, for ourselves and our families. By asking for more, we are raising our standards and using our faith to believe in ourselves, trust our instincts, and find our inner hero. Ask for more today, and reap the benefits in your life tomorrow.

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